Assignment Sheet: Impact

I put a box of cigarette at the traffic light. If you walk slowly and do not invest in thinking about something, you will see it. According to the surrounding environment, the impact on modern people is enormous. The rhythm of people’s life is fast and fast. Slowing down your pace and paying a very little attention to […]

the fifth element

    I really like this shoot, even after getting all the elements there is pretty much no point in saving earth, if there is no love to keep everything (including our self’s) in order, because we are the dominant species on this planet and there is no point in saving this world if we […]

whose utopia

Sabrina Hang 2018/4/18 Watch and read Every object Whose Utopia When I was watching this video that I saw a famous painting in my mind where I saw in MOMA and named The Piano Lesson by Henri Matisse. When you The color of the whole painting gives a feeling of freezing and depressive. The mechanical […]

Site, Sight

Every day I pass by the big food transmission which is located  next to my apartment. After I finish my Friday classes, I saw three workers sitting in the truck seat chatting. They are wearing the same work clothes and chatting with each other, and they seems go through a wonderful work day, when I […]

project 2 part 1

     I woke up at an empty camera hall and I had forgotten why I was left alone here.It won’t be safe for 1,000 years, me and my family all have to start over. Unfortunately,  I lost contact with my family and most of memories, because I was bitten by unidentified creatures in a […]