Christopher Breward Aphorisms Explanation

Christopher Bredward listed many aphorisms explaining fashion studies and fashion itself. One that was particularly intriguing was the third aphorism where he explains that fashion is visible in material forms. In order to study these material forms, scholars should look through history and actually hold the materials in their hands much like an archeologist would do at a dig. I agree to a certain extent that fashion is seen in material forms and I think it is very important for people investigating fashion to hold garments in their hands. How are you going to understand why something is warn relating to a particular emotion or attitude if you do not touch the garment? Some garments people where to be comforted, but if you do not investigate how that garment is made or the fabrication you will never understand the emotional connection to the garment. On the other hand, I don’t believe that fashion is only materials that can be studied through touch. I believe fashion goes beyond dress and physical garment into a general way in which one carries oneself. Another aphorism I would particularly interesting was the eighth aphorism explaining that fashion is a very personal experience, and the way people dress or fashion themselves can showcase the personality of the wearer. Also, it can highlight old memories or present an intended future. I agree that the way a person fashion’s oneself can showcase their current emotional status, highlight aspects of their personality, provide a comforting nostalgia, or showcase a future attitude. Fashion and dress is something that can be internally and externally investigated. One can look at fashion within themselves and the things they wear, or they can look at fashion on a larger scale looking at societal fashion as a whole.

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