Dress Practice Interview Reflection

In my dress practice interview I discovered a lot about my subject’s daily routines and why he dresses the way he does. A major theme in his dress practice is dressing due to social influence. As Entwistle says “dress is a ubiquitous aspect of our social embodiment, a basic fact of social life” (134). ¬†One major social aspect is the influence of popular culture as he is very influenced by streetwear brands. Seen in picture two he is wearing his Adidas shoes that he wears almost every single day. Also, he is very influenced by his friends. His group of friends are all into the alternative music scene and some are artists. His style has become very in tune with these subcultures of people. I learned that every single day he has to cuff his jeans. It is something that makes him feel comfortable and he does not feel complete without cuffing his jeans. This is something that used to make him self conscious but now with the support of his friends going along with the subculture it something he does everyday. He adopted cuffing his jeans as a daily part of his dress practice. His daily dress practice does not differ from mine very much, except I will sometimes put on a skirt or a dress. He as a male does not feel comfortable in these items and would not wear them. Other than that we have a similar styling of clothing. We will both rock out in a flannel and a cuffed pair of jeans everyday. This interview has made me realize that when people feel comfortable in their clothing and socially accepted they will have a better connection between clothing and the body. When they feel like they look good on the outside they will feel good on the inside.


Entwistle, Joanne, and Ellie Lee. Real Bodies: A Sociological Introduction. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave, 2002.

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