Sexual Stages of Relationships in the 21st Century Emojis

Set of Emojis

Final Illustrator Emojis 😉

For my section of the classes emojis I got assigned to create a set of sexual stages of relationships in emojis. I decided to make the emojis a commentary on commonalities in stages of relationships in the twenty first century specifically with the college age group. For example, the emoji with the rainbow hearts is to show the fully accepting nature of my generation and age group. Doesn’t matter who you are or who you like you are excepted with love. The I love you signs are to show the common theme of hanging cards and pictures of your significant other or loved ones on your wall usually on a clothes line and pinned up to a wall. The emoji with the man and the woman taking the money out of his pocket is to show the common theme of young girls having a sugar daddy to provide for them. The others are self explanatory actions and my version of satire towards my generation and their ideas of casual relationships that they don’t even call relationships at all. I chose to draw them by hand all fitting within two by two inch squares with markers and watercolor pencils.

Personal Currency Final With Color Palettes

For the final draft of my personal currency I kept the idea of symbolism in mind. All of the symbolic patterns representing my friends and family stayed the same. Now my currency has two different color palettes. The cool toned color palette is color from a picture of a day of healing in one of my favorite places in Boston, The Museum of Fine Arts, and the other picture I picked colors from is from when I fell in love with New York City. My best friend Meg and I walked around the city that day drinking Dunkin Donuts, we are from Massachusetts after all, and went to her show. It was an inspiring day so naturally I made it a color scheme for my money. The fronts of the currency are related to my South African heritage, my dad, and my friends. The backs of the currency are related to my hometown in Massachusetts, my lack of importance of physical money, and patterns I draw in my sketchbook. Overall this currency is a self portrait. All of the places and people blend together in the patterns of the currency making up my money and myself. For this project, I used both illustrator and photoshop both of which were very much a struggle for me. These are programs that I was not very familiar with before hand, but now I feel like I have at least more of an understating about them. Overall a very rewarding project.

Personal Currency Rough Draft



For this rough draft I took inspiration from these images and what I find valuable. The hat is something my dad wears and he is one of the biggest inspirations in my life. The building is where my best friend and I did our first photoshoot together making it the starting point of my career and our new friendship. My currency is a lot about my relationships with others. The background pattern is the symbol for the third eye which is related to my inner journey through meditation. The number amount is to make fun of currency itself because money is not something I truly value. I value people in my life and the ability to be able to have relationships with them. The patterns on the front of the money are each symbols related to my best friends from home. In order to connect the front and back of my personal currency, I related both them to places of personal importance. The front is modeled after the structure of the Zimbabwe one hundred trillion dollar bill because my family is from there and south Africa and I identify with my heritage from there. The back is a house located in my home town of North Andover, Massachusetts. Both places make up some part of who I am today. The patterns around the locations are help up by patterns that represent my friends who have always been there for me to hold up me. Being a rough draft I have no yet added color.

Perspective Study for Personal Currency

For my perspective study for personal currency, I chose a building that has a lot of personal significance to me. This is an estate house approximately five minutes from my house in North Andover Massachusetts. It is a place where my parents would take me and my brother for picnics as a child, and eventually where my best friend and I did our first photoshoot together. I designed and made her and outfit, one of the only ones I have ever sold to others, and she modeled it in this location. Ever since that day we have been going back to this same location to explore the grounds and take more photos of my latest designs. It has become a staple in my artwork and a place where I have not only watched myself grow but also had the pleasure of watching my best friend and model grow as well. I started the process by looking up images of this building, The Steven’s Estate, and picked my favorite angle. I chose a two point perspective because it made the building look dominating and as important as it is to me. I moved on to creating a pencil drawing with a 4H, and then lastly cleaned the lines up by going over them with Micron pen. This building is symbolic of the things I value most, my artwork and my friendships, therefore it is the perfect architecture to display on the back of my personal currency.