Personal Currency Rough Draft



For this rough draft I took inspiration from these images and what I find valuable. The hat is something my dad wears and he is one of the biggest inspirations in my life. The building is where my best friend and I did our first photoshoot together making it the starting point of my career and our new friendship. My currency is a lot about my relationships with others. The background pattern is the symbol for the third eye which is related to my inner journey through meditation. The number amount is to make fun of currency itself because money is not something I truly value. I value people in my life and the ability to be able to have relationships with them. The patterns on the front of the money are each symbols related to my best friends from home. In order to connect the front and back of my personal currency, I related both them to places of personal importance. The front is modeled after the structure of the Zimbabwe one hundred trillion dollar bill because my family is from there and south Africa and I identify with my heritage from there. The back is a house located in my home town of North Andover, Massachusetts. Both places make up some part of who I am today. The patterns around the locations are help up by patterns that represent my friends who have always been there for me to hold up me. Being a rough draft I have no yet added color.

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