FIT Museum Response

At the “50 Years of the Museum at FIT” exhibition this piece is showcased in the section about “Gothic: Dark Glamour”. This look by Alexander Mcqueen is showcasing the gothic style with the feminine form. The short skirt, the volume in the shoulders, and the romantic neckline are all to highlight the feminine body. The presentation of the look and the fishnet leggings are to showcase the stereotype of women as a femme fatal. Showcasing the woman as a vampire, a creature that sucks the blood of humans, shows the beautiful woman as deadly. The color black color and the tights are to make the woman have a particular style of sex appeal. It is playing off both a fiction character of the vampire and the stereotype where women’s looks “could kill”. Mcqueen himself, and the current brand are always trying to make a powerful statement. In this look, I feel as though there is a strong statement of gender as it is highlighting a known theme. Throughout literature and film the archetypal character of femme fatal is wildly know across many cultures. Knowing this look is talking about that character type it is am easy way to make a statement about gender and get a reaction by a broad number of people. The woman here is walking out of her coffin in a look that could kill. The look showcasing the ultra feminine and sexy aesthetic highlights the female gender. This is a stereotype of a typically sultry and dark girl.

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