Week 3 – Processing III

– translate, rotate, pushMatrix, popMatrix
– sin, cos, unit circle
– atan2
– xeno movement
– objects and classes

1. Modify the object example we did in class adding some type of motion to the objects.

2. Install the Gif Animaton library.
Sketch > Import Library > add Library (search Gif)
Look at the example to export an animated gif. Integrate it into one of your sketches or a new one and create gifs from your works.

3.Look at the following example to create pdfs from processing sketches:


Create a series of printed (actually print them out) works (min 3) by exporting your sketches to pdf. You can use other tools to modify them (illustrator,cut/paste collage etc). Be creative, consider composition, color, style/aesthetic. Here are some interesting quotes for inspiration (if you use one, don’t google it beforehand or you’ll ruin your creativity)

  • “I suddenly forget what space is like, and time instead of horizontal is vertical”
  • “This was the first time that he had ever looked into the labyrinth of the human soul. He was very far from understanding what he saw.”
  • “The Metropolis strives to reach a mythical point where the world is completely fabricated by man, so that it absolutely coincides with his desires”
  • “The hours fly around in a circle”
  • “Don’t fight forces, use them”
  • “Your order is meaningless, my chaos is significant”
  • “We have been invading territories where we had not been invited”
  • “There is a strong shadow where there is much light”
  • “Things separate in order to appear”

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