Midterm Assignment

Create an interactive or generative work that explores the creative use of code and/or electronics. The project can be creating using Processing or a combination of Processing and Arduino. The project should challenge yourself both technically and artistically. Consider the following areas:

1. Game (or art “game”)
A traditional game with a critical or humorous narrative or an artistic/conceptual or abstract “game.”


Command Roulette

2. Interactive Object / Sculpture
An object that has sensors or buttons that can control a Processing application (interactive toy,audio glove etc) or a Processing application that takes input (audio,camera,mouse) and controls some output (motors, leds)


The Day We Changed Our Lives Forever

3. Generative or reactive visuals
Uses rule systems to create a generative visual environment that are displayed in real time or as prints or laser cuts. Consider using input to control parameters ( potentiometers, buttons, etc). May also be an audio-reactive exploration.


1. Concept/idea due October 6th, bring several sketches of the idea (hand-drawn is perfect)
2. Presentation of completed project due October 20th
Include presentation of the initial idea, if/how it changed, inspiration, sketches and the final results.
3. Delivery of documentation (code, images and/or video uploaded to github and/or vimeo) due October 27th

– uses Processing and/or Arduino
– shows understanding/use of variables, functions and control structures (if statements and/or for loops, delays etc)
– not just a modification of an example (be original!)
– has a defined concept or statement of intent
– presented in class
– documented and deliverables provided (original code, photos or video of output and/or process)

– meets project requirements as listed above
– shows creativity (concept, visual or sonic form, code and/or interactivity)
– shows independent research beyond class topics
– ideas and results communicated effectively

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