Week 5 – Arduino I

– opencv review
– intro to kinect
– arduino review

Drawn, Zachary Lierberman
Puppet Parade, Design I/O
Be Your Own Souvenir, blablalab
Clouds, James George
Perfect Human, How to get what you want, Kobakant
Transparency Grenade, Julian Oliver
Eternity, Alicia Eggert
Happiness Hat, Lauren McCarthy

1. Prepare your midterm ideas to discuss

2. Upload the analogRead example to Arduino (found in examples > basics)
Hook up a potentiometer to the Arduino on pin A0
Run the processing sketch in week5 called serial_analog_read_string – the ellipse should change as you turn the potentiometer
(you do not have to upload this assignment to github, just try to get it working)

3. Optional – look at the saveFrames example in github (in the extras folder)
This shows how to export frames from your sketch to png files that can be used to make animated gifs.) Create some gifs and send them to me to add to the Gif Madness post!!!

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