Midterm: Project TBD

I’m having a hard time trying to contextualize processing creatively, which is ironic since processing is creative coding.

I’ve been looking over projects from artists and the past projects I’ve done so far this semester. The project that resonates the most with me is from Art Hack Day, where my teammates and I created an interactive installation that would ‘break’ beer bottles if a flash photo of them was taken.

I’ve also been obsessed with this project by FIELD.io.

The idea I mentioned in class involved a generative visual sequence that was determined by an external feed of information (data, twitter, news stories, etc.). I’m still interested in the idea, but I’m unable to identify why or what I want to show through this project.

But the ‘why’ and ‘what’ have been the two questions that have trailed me, unanswered, throughout this semester. I don’t know what my practice is going to be about and therefore I don’t have a message I want to convey to viewers. Then again, I don’t need to have a message but it is helpful to have for explanatory purposes.

I just want to make cool things.

I really liked the idea of creating a Twitter feed that self-destructs with each interaction. I’ve been brainstorming other ways of obsolescing technology or social media for no other reason than that I think it will be fun.

And I’m realizing now that I need to have an idea and then delineate whether it will be possible or not through processing, instead of the other way around.

Well, this has been unexpectedly cathartic. Hopefully with these small epiphanies, I’ll have a real idea I can start working on by Monday night.

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