The Glove Project


I created a series of sketches based on lines emanated from the center. The lines are meant to evoke both a sense of sound with natural form (a bird in flight, a pulsing flower). I made them under the constraint of grayscale and straight lines to challenge myself to make softness, life and sound out of the simplest elements.

The current sketch outcome, based on four individual sketches, is set to a track I remixed, and controlled by keyPressed and mousePressed through a glove.  Using frameRate, endX/endY, and random stroke attributes, the sketches vibrate and progress over time. With Minim the center axis of the sketch responds to fluctuations in the music. The sketch is posted on GitHub

Here are a few stills from the sketches

midtermSketch1-page-001 (1)


I laser etched leather from processing sketches and designed a pair of fingerless gloves.


The gloves will control the sketches, and a sound file that I created. The sound still needs to be completed and mastered, and I have run into problems with getting the glove to control the keyboard

IMG_2175IMG_2222 IMG_2223

1. I hacked the mouse, but really didn’t like the interface as a control with the gloves.

2. I haven’t yet figured out how to put the bluetooth keyboard into the gloves. I took one apart, and got stuck with the plastic part of the control chip. I didn’t want to ruin the keyboard and waste 20 euro;  I need to find someone to consult before taking it apart any further.


:: REFERENCES / INSPIRATION :: ::: This link has several beautiful renderings of creative coding of corresponding sound and image. In particular, Monophone represents the type of simple imagery I am more interested in with this project.

MonoPhone 4.1 (quick demo) from zenbullets on Vimeo.

:: Interactive Gloves :: blog, diy gloves Imagine Heap and her magical musical gloves MIT mouse gloves with camera and board Piano glove with arduino and processing sketch using Minum



Using the chip from a dissected wireless keyboard, I will make a glove that triggers Processing to load images that relate to sound loops. Three examples of the effects I am interested in creating follow:

1. Use an image to illustrate the sound clip that pixelates in time with the beat; the stronger the beat the more pixellated the image becomes, so that the sound rhythm blurs and obfuscates the visual reality.

2. Create repetitive design based on cellular circles that pulse and grow, fed by the beat; the stronger the beat, the bigger or more numerous the growth pattern.

3. Create a repetitive design based on geometric lines that pulse and expand with the beat, like an abstracted ornamental speaker/box.

4. Create a jagged line design, varying in amplitude– small & tight, long & wide– that fires to the music, visualizing lightning or similar electrical impulses.

If I cannot get the code to synch to the beat of the music, then I will make a pair of gloves, the left hand will load sound and the right hand will load image. Each hand will have four switches corresponding to keys pressed that will be activated by tapping a finger on the thumb. Thus the project will have four visual phases and four sound loops. In this instance, the visual phases and sound loops can be interchanged, creating a higher number of potential outcomes with less predictability.







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