I am kicking of this project by, really finding out what I want to portray my brand as, what story I want it to convey and how I want to convey it, so this week is just mainly going to be about that. However, I am also thinking of how I want whatever I want to do to look like. Like the things I want to build, why I want to build them like that and where to start from. So a bit of this week is also going to be dedicated to the overall structural design of my project as well.

I have started using sketch up, to sketch some ideas of the prototype building I am thinking of building for this project. Also I am doing my own side sketches on my iPad, using paper to help guide and influence this design I am working on, on sketch up. It’s sort of annoying working with a lot of different programs, mainly because you don’t get to experience all of them in their specific formats, because they are exclusive to that device only.

I will be uploading my Brand Toolkit and Updating it from time to time, because I feel it’s an ever changing document which really needs a lot of thinking through (thought).

By the end of next week, I should be done working on a chunk of stuff like the project plan and concept plan (which I am sternly still working on) as well as my material list of things I need to buy to complete the project.

I am very hopeful for this project and I am putting a lot of time and effort into it, because I want to see it come true and really work on it after school.

This is my Brand Book/Tool Kit for NSU PA! (still being updated)



Writing a Weekly Status Report

Status reporting is an essential part of managing creative projects. The main objective is to keep project stakeholders (including the designer) aware and informed about the status of their project’s scope, schedule, deliverables and accomplishments and risks. It helps you to keep the project headed in the right direction.


In the context of the integrated design program, a status report is a tool to inform both Integrated Design Studio faculty as well as serve as an opportunity for the student to reflect upon their project’s progress, assess any risks, identify needs (skills, materials, collaborations, etc.)


Project status reports are prepared on a weekly basis. The faculty in the Integrated Studio core class is requesting a weekly submittal. The following describes the sections of the Project Status Report template and the information required in each section.



Project Name: Nsu Pa

Reporting Period: From 19/November/2015 To  16/December/2015

Prepared By: Kwaku Opoku

Scope Summary: I am building a system that filters and recycles water in real time.

Evidence: Include drafts and images of work in progress, drawings, research, photographs, graphics, etc.


At the moment I feel I’m doing ok with my project, I am still playing around with some ideas to make it better. However I’m still in a serious dilemma where I’m not sure whether to actually have the central building built for my final critique or just go ahead with building the system. I am also tweaking some parts of my brand book to make it take form more and also tell a better story about what i am doing.


Planned Accomplishments: Project plan, brand toolkit and materials list.

Completed Accomplishments: I essentially finished the brand book, but I’m still adding things where I think will be best, but i essentially finished that. I also finished my project plan.

Worked Planned Last Week

By the end of next week, I should be done working on a chunk of stuff like the project plan and concept plan (which I am sternly still working on) as well as my material list of things I need to buy to complete the project.

Work Completed Last Week

I uploaded my Brand Toolkit and I am still updating it from time to time, because I feel it’s an ever changing document which really needs a lot of thinking through.

Work Planned for Next Week

I am going to finish building the system, that is my main goal.

Open Issues

I don’t know if the system will work the way I want it to.

Open Risks

System may not work the way I want it to.

Deliverables and Milestones

I will be done with the system by next week.


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