• Color is the thing that caught my eye most, there were several different fruits that constituted an array of vibrant colors.

Who decided to start sorting out the fruit in colors? What does it do to other people, does it attract them or repel them instead? When do the vendors sort them out? Where do the fruits that have odd colors go? Why do they have to be sorted out? How much time does it take to sort the fruits out?

  • People often went to vendors that were close together.

Who came to the farmers market first? What time do the vendors get there? When do they all leave? Where did they decide the arrangements of how the place is set up, do they have a committee that does that? Why do some of the vendors have to be close together? How do vendors feel when they don’t get customers and see one person get them all?

  • There were tents that had no names.

Who picks the name, is the vendor the owner even? What do the names do for the vendors? When do they put up the name on the tent? Where do the make the signs? Why do they even make them? How do customers feel when there is no name?

The people that only went to vendors that were close together, caused me to wonder if they had some close affiliation with these vendors? Whether they had formed some relationship with them? Whether they had the best goods? Whether they had the cheapest stuff? I don’t know what it was but, to me it sort of created some form of segregation in my eyes. You could see patches and patches of people surrounding a particular small tent and you’d see another vendor with a much larger tent and space, only attending to a handful of people. These people probably needed no help as everything had already been priced and labeled; however I don’t fault the vendors who were being particularly ‘extra’ nice to their very few customers at all, because it’s this same type of segregation that causes people to behave in a particular way, be it nice or even rude at times. We see it in even much larger communities, not just small ones like the farmers market. Well at least I do.


Curiosity Map/Post-It

Most of the things on the map are more of questions and statements than memories, because I’m more interested in the questions, the ‘what ifs’ and the unknown than what I’ve already done. That’s just me. I did enjoy putting down some of the questions though because I feel they’ve been in my head for quite a while. Like the question about swimming at the part of the Hudson. I posed that question mainly because back in my sustainable systems class there was some speculation about people being able to swim in there, and this ended up in a huge argument. I still didn’t get my answer though.

Also putting ‘My School’ is basically literally what it is. I put my school on the map, it honestly wasn’t on there. My question about if there being dead people under union square is another question that has been on my mind ever since my teacher asked the class as well. I know about Washington Square Park, not Union Square.

Int. Studio Gift Project

Jie Ying Du, who likes to go by Kayla is my friend in my Int. Studio class. She’s a strategic design and management major and her intended minor is Fashion Studies. Observing her pictures I noticed quite a lot of things that led to my final decision of making her ‘The Ultimate Chill Mix’ which i put on Soundcloud.

Her sense of fashion really did play a very large role in my final decision, from her pictures I noticed how she was into Normcore fashion and also the primary colors she chose to dress in, which were mostly Black and White. To me that also did influence her behavior in most of the pictures as she was seen isolated in most of them and also seen without friends. So my idea was to make her a mix that did mimic her behavior and also put her in that chill sense of mind. Hence the name ‘The Ultimate Chill Mix’. The art work for this mix was also very important. I illustrated someone in decked out in Normcore attire in a white space mainly because of her close affection for snow.

Untitled 57 IMG_6634 IMG_6635