Curiosity Map/Post-It

Most of the things on the map are more of questions and statements than memories, because I’m more interested in the questions, the ‘what ifs’ and the unknown than what I’ve already done. That’s just me. I did enjoy putting down some of the questions though because I feel they’ve been in my head for quite a while. Like the question about swimming at the part of the Hudson. I posed that question mainly because back in my sustainable systems class there was some speculation about people being able to swim in there, and this ended up in a huge argument. I still didn’t get my answer though.

Also putting ‘My School’ is basically literally what it is. I put my school on the map, it honestly wasn’t on there. My question about if there being dead people under union square is another question that has been on my mind ever since my teacher asked the class as well. I know about Washington Square Park, not Union Square.


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