Int. Studio Gift Project

Jie Ying Du, who likes to go by Kayla is my friend in my Int. Studio class. She’s a strategic design and management major and her intended minor is Fashion Studies. Observing her pictures I noticed quite a lot of things that led to my final decision of making her ‘The Ultimate Chill Mix’ which i put on Soundcloud.

Her sense of fashion really did play a very large role in my final decision, from her pictures I noticed how she was into Normcore fashion and also the primary colors she chose to dress in, which were mostly Black and White. To me that also did influence her behavior in most of the pictures as she was seen isolated in most of them and also seen without friends. So my idea was to make her a mix that did mimic her behavior and also put her in that chill sense of mind. Hence the name ‘The Ultimate Chill Mix’. The art work for this mix was also very important. I illustrated someone in decked out in Normcore attire in a white space mainly because of her close affection for snow.

Untitled 57 IMG_6634 IMG_6635


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