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Lovability Condoms

Founded by Tiffany Gaines.

Two women came together to realize the lack of condom use was a setback for women’s health and empowerment. They wanted to break the trend of condoms being marketed as a masculine product and challenge the many masculine stereotypes associated with condoms.The conducted focus groups and researched how women would feel more comfortable carrying a condom around with them. They got answers that said that women would feel more comfortable carrying a condom if it was more stylish and that made them feel ‘fabulous’. Their overall goal is to de-stigmatize the purchase of condoms for women and redefining condoms as a positive symbol for women for protection and self love.


VA w.o.w (still in development not ready to purchase)

Founded by Oliver Goldberg, Dr. Greg Rosen, Brian Osterberg

These founders are taking the idea of the female condom that is widely unpopular and designing it with women’s pleasure in mind. The female condom is a way for women to have the responsibility for contraceptives when their partner doesn’t have one or they are not willing to use one, however this method is still very unpopular and has poor reviews. With VA w.o.w, they intend on creating a female condom that contributes to the pleasure of women because so far no female condom has been made with women’s pleasure in mind. Will this change how we view the female condom? Female pleasure is often and after thought when designing contraceptives and VA w.o.w. plans on linking both protection and pleasure and heighten female condoms in the United States along with heightening the visibility of women sexuality and pleasure when the condom is released for purchase.


Trojan Condom promotion by Lil Dicky “The Big Talk”

In March of 2016 Trojan condoms released an advertisement with rapper Lil Dicky called “The Big Talk”. The ad was an awkward and funny shoot while still sending the message that wearing a condom should be a priority. Trojan uses rapper Lil Dicky as a tool to try and connect to the younger crowd and the use of condoms. Lil dicky says ‘masculine things’ like “I practically get girls thrown at me every night”. He addresses condom use as something ‘cool’ where if you don’t use a condom then you’re dumb and not cool. This ad uses a person that people idolize to make condom use a ‘cool’ thing, it’s effective but has questionable morals. They are addressing STDs while still promoting their brand, and it’s unsure that they bring up the topic of STD to only promote their condom or to raise awareness.

The Condom Project:

The condom project works to bring lifesaving information to the public about condoms by using nontraditional approaches through art, performance, and educational programs. They set out to break social stigma by opening the door to conversation and promote the use of condoms as a life saving tool. The condom project uses educational and treatment organizations around the world to teach local volunteers how to ensure their communities know that condoms are life saving. They work in communities of all types some including truckers, sex workers, executives, social workers, AIDS awareness clubs, health workers, women, youth and community groups, incarcerated men and women, and schoolchildren.


National Female Condom Coalition

Their mission is to bring awareness and access to female condoms through education advocacy and collaboration. Their current campaign is called “Create the Future of Female Condoms” It talks about how female condoms are currently classified as class III along with breast implants and pace makers. Male condoms hold a class II status which allows them to reinvent and come out with new technology for their condoms while female condoms cannot. Moving female condoms to a class II would remove unnecessary barriers that female condoms inventors face and would bring new, effective and widely available female condoms to the market.


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