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One mild Miami winter, my neighbor, this possum, visited my garden for a few consistent nights to munch on our free-range snails. Enamored by his skittish personality and sweet crunchy noises, I laid out a banquet of cat food and salami and waited by my window to see him appear. Not sure how many of my friends there might be, the scene was set for two: a romantic dinner with a fishbowl bouquet included. When he finally appeared I had a hard time shooting him, for every time I got close to him he would turn around to confront the singular black eye of the lens and run away at the sound of the shutter. Compensating for the little light during this nighttime shoot, the long exposure time resulted in a slightly blurry image on the moving animal. This was my favorite shot, as it looks as if the young teen possum is turning nervously to meet his date by the plates.


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