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Laser Harp Research

Steve Hobley made a few versions of a functional laser harp- an electronic instrument played by moving your body over the laser lights, which represent strings such as those of a stringed instrument. The key to the harp besides attaining laser-pointer visuals is using a MIDI controller to make the pitch, to my understanding having data of pitches stored within the controller to be plucked out by an interface, in this case, arduino, which can stop or start the signal.


Parts used:

Tools used:

  • Alligator test leads (2)
  • Computer
  • Drill
  • Hack saw
  • Insulated wire various colors
  • MIDI utility software to test output. I recommend MIDI-OX (midiox.com
  • Multimeter
  • Software synthesizer I recommend Superwave P8 (home.btconnect.com/christopherg/main.htm
  • Soldering Iron and rosin core solder.
  • USB-MIDI interface such as M-Audio Uno
  • Vise and clamps
  • Wire cutters and strippers

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