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Lab: Mug Music: Design + BOM


For my final project I will be transforming a mug into a musical instrument. The mug will be clearly outfitted (not sure about this, thinking more of an enclosure) with the electronics, and will serve as an everyday object that functions both for its intended purpose and for making music. The use will grasp, dip, and stir their fingers in and through the contents of the cup, producing various sound effects.


resistors: 10K, 1M, 3, 3K

capacitors: 100pf, 10nf

Diode: 1N4148

coil/inductor: 10 mH



jumper wires

alligator clips

battery pack
rechargable battery

How I’d go about it:
1. Set up breadboard and arduino as shown in fritzing sketch. Test , document, and see if I can get it running.
2. Alter the code to what’s appreciated by Thursday 2/10.
3. Design enclosure.
4. Test enclosure prototype by Thursday 2/17.

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