Pattern In Illustrator: Value/Transparency

f16_di_sst_taylor_megan_patternvaltrans03-4%22-docWelcome back! So in this post I am documenting my experimentation with pattern, value and contrast throughout the lenses of seven separate digital pieces created with the help of Adobe Illustrator. You can find these in the photos I have attached below. Enjoy!


Pattern Rotation and Pattern Reflection (2″x 2″) and (4″ x 4″)


Pattern Rotation Tessellation and Pattern Reflection Tessellation

f16_di_sst_taylor_megan_patternvaltrans01-4%22-doc f16_di_sst_taylor_megan_patternvaltrans02-4%22-doc f16_di_sst_taylor_megan_patternvaltrans03-4%22-doc

Pattern Rotation and Pattern Reflection Value and Transparency Experimentation (4″x 4″)

Hello, My name is Megan Taylor, I am a returning student here at Parsons; my major is Fashion Design with a peaking interest in environmentalism and animal welfare; I hope to transform the industry someday...slowly but surely. My wish is to combine luxury and aesthetic appeal with the consciousness of how and where it is made along with the idea of what to do with it after use. I have been following my need to create and share with the world art and fashion since the tender age of eleven years old.

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  1. Megan Taylor · September 30, 2016 Reply

    Very cool Megan I could never do anything like that much less have the brain to create it with ?

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