History of Fashion Recitation: Diana Golde/ Final Research Paper

Hi Everyone!
In this photo lies a photograph of my maternal grandmother Beverly. I decided that for my final research paper, I would look into the background of what she is shown wearing here. The crop top and the flared or bell-bottomed pant were researched and written about; in relation to history, politics, style, trends, culture, and exterior influences to name a few. I also dove into my own personal reflection on how the garment relates to me; and my insecurities regarding body confidence in public. The image encapsulates a two-piece jumpsuit in pink and creamy blue floral pattern, and was shot sometime in the 70s in the summer of Florida. It perfectly reflects my grandmother’s situation at the time, and her mindset in the sphere of that era.

Hello, My name is Megan Taylor, I am a returning student here at Parsons; my major is Fashion Design with a peaking interest in environmentalism and animal welfare; I hope to transform the industry someday...slowly but surely. My wish is to combine luxury and aesthetic appeal with the consciousness of how and where it is made along with the idea of what to do with it after use. I have been following my need to create and share with the world art and fashion since the tender age of eleven years old.

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