[Studio: Environment] Reading Response – Thoughtless Acts, Suri

Examples of Thoughtless Acts

In the reading, Suri suggests that good designs are based on the observation of users’ intuitive act to the products or environments. They not only follow the principles of intuitiveness, but also enhance the overall user experience. Thoughtless acts are some of the best inspiration for designers. Here are two examples of thoughtless acts and a witty design to make us conscious about thoughtless acts.


Putting sunglasses back in the case all the time is inconvenient. Putting them in the pocket will scratch the lens. Hanging them in front of the shirt seems to be easy, convenient, and cool.


Formula 1 racers have to wear those high-tech fire-proof jumpsuits during the race for their safety. Want to know how uncomfortable those jumpsuits are? After two hours of racing, the drivers essentially take a shower with their sweat inside of the fully-closed capsules. Therefore, the picture above is often seen in the paddock, before and after the race. The racer (Kimi Raikkonen!) takes off the upper part of the jumpsuit and wrap it around the waist to be comfortable. Maybe it is also the racer’s fashion to wear jumpsuits this way.


This instance is a witty reminder of how important thoughtless acts can be. No one will doubt that when it rains, we hide ourselves under shelters to stay away from the rain. The designer uses hydrophobic paint to paint on the cement ground. It is invisible during sunny days, however, when it rains, the caption shows: “Stay dry out there.”



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