[Studio: Environment] Project 1 Description and Issues


First, shadows are the reflection of our existence in the space. Then, our shadows overlap, intertwine, communicate. In this project, shadows are turned into subjective representations of our mind states. Instead of being distorted by the source of light, the audience will be able to control their own shadows by wearing the headsets that collect EEG data from them and accordingly form fake shadows projected onto the ground beside them.

For hardwares, this project will utilize a Neurosky Mindwave headset for sensing the EEG data, a laptop to run the Processing sketch for the visualization of the data, and a mini projector to project the visualization/fake shadows.


1. The connection of the EEG headset is troublesome with Mac Yosemite due to software issues. However, it connects on a PC successfully. The current solution is that I use a trial of Parallel to run Windows on my Mac.

2. There are a few Processing libraries to connect the EEG data to the sketch. However, as I tested, none of them work on the new version of Processing. Along with the previous problem, now I’m running Processing 1.5.1 on Windows in order to run the example sketch successfully.

3. Now I’m using the laptop. However, I still want the piece to be wearable, so I want to use a Raspberry Pi instead (if I have enough time). Here are the subsequent issues:

1. I just started setting up my Raspberry Pi and never used it before.
2. The EEG headset doesn’t connect to Linux. I probably still need it to send data to my computer and then use bluetooth or something to send the data to Raspberry Pi? Do you have suggestions for how to do this?
3. I have to install Processing on Raspberry Pi. Will it run very slow?
4. Do you happen to have an HDMI to mini HDMI cable that I can borrow tomorrow in class?
5. Maybe other options to execute the project as a wearable piece?

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