RFduino, Raspberry Pi – Inputs and Outputs

Team: Yumeng, Nico


We made inputs on one RFduino, and outputs both on Raspberry Pi and another RFduino. However, because we couldn’t get Pi-blaster to work for PWM, we only had an LED as the output on the Pi.

When Yumeng is the host, she has 3 physical outputs on her RFduino – LED on-off, a piezo speaker and a servo/fading LED. Meanwhile, Nico has 2 inputs on her RFduino – a button and a potentiometer. The input data are also printed in the Terminal on the Pi. Here is a video of how it works.


When Nico is the host, she has 3 visual outputs on Processing. Meanwhile, Yumeng has 2 inputs on her RFduino – a button and a flex sensor.

Potential Concept:

For the servo, LED and speaker combination, potentially we can make a dynamic audio system, in which a controller (potentiometers) can move the speakers around with the servo to create stereo sound. The button can control the lights on the speakers so that the whole audio set can be a mini home entertaining device.


Here is the code on GitHub.

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