WHY? WHAT? HOW? of the final productions


  • What: Those pictures are including my lobby, my selfie, every daily walking people on the street. This is about the understanding of my time every morning in my lobby. Every time I will think a lot about the emotion and some life stuff in my head. Some philosophy questions will come out to my head. This is a picture that shows my emotion and my thought for this space and this period of time. I am using my way to express my feeling and my thoughts in this space.
  • Why: Every day When I need to go out, I will stay in my lobby for some minutes. I repeat this action every day and I think this time period and this space is special to me. I am an observer in this street. People are boring walking to work every day. I am also kind of boring stay at my apartment every day. Every time I am waiting for my uber or taxi. I will take a few minutes to observe those people who walk on this street. I will think about some questions like why are those people walking so fast, why some of them walking so slow? Are they repeating their same day again and again? Am I repeating my day? What’s one day means to our life?
  • How: I use the front sight of my apartment as a base. And I using my face and eye to show I am observing this world really seriously. I take some pictures of some people to walk in front of my apartment. I also add some charges on the top of the front door. It represents my apartment is a place to charge myself to fill on energy and battery. Also shows I am enjoying the moment that I stand on the lobby observing, the process that I think the world thinks the time makes me full of energy. 

Mini-task Cooper Hewitt Museum


this piece is the first piece gets on my face on the 3rd floor,

The lighting combination doing a really

good job, give me a really

strange feeling.



this piece is a collection of lots of chinas, but the material is from nature and the color give us an amazing visual enjoyment.

Every piece of china are clean and there are lots of beautiful colors

from the nature that

we can not even name it.



this piece is also a light, it is really hard to feel it’s amazing by picture.

I love this piece is because it gives me great peace emotion!