Semester long journal

My favorite architecture is my grandmother’s kitchen, which is a kitchen that is a single building. it has big scales like big fireplace, big table, large scale chair. High roof, the old bean is holding the whole building. I remember the air smells nasty. By the way, that kitchen is an individual house that sperate to where my grandparent lives. There is no electricity in that house. Cook by fire, light my candle, but it has a great memory in my old childhood. Especially during the spring festival, this building is able to contain 20 more peoples in this place. It’s a kitchen and a dining place combined together. The dog always can finish the dishes we can not finish. The old glass window is aged and dirty, sunlight gets in the building through those couple glass window becoming unique light in my memory, every furniture is aged and old, but good quality made by my grandfather. This is the architecture and interior make me into this area of study. I think a nice space design is not just the design but also another most important half is the people who live in this space. No matter how good this space is, if the people who live there do not understand or use the space nicely, this space is just like a dead body do not have a soul. That space has my best memory in there, the reason it has all the large scale is this building is design to contain lots of people for the festival. kid and dog have enough space to run and play, elders has a big space to have a nice meal with lots of families or friends.




William Morris is a great artist, he always keeps his own thought about the craftsmanship and the beauty of the art. I think now on, there are lots of people who start to buy artwork made by industry, because of the cheap price and the

good quality. However I still think handcraft made the best expensive value work in the world because it is unique, every piece of artwork is unique because of man-made. Another hand I think there is no wrong with industry

produce artwork because it a more efficient but the most important thing that keeps the craftmanship is paid a lot more attention to the design part. That is a great advantage of technology develops, there is no wrong with man-made

art but follow the century develop we need to fit ourselves into this best place.  Finally, at Morris’s insistence, the company’s partners left the company, the company changed its name to Morris and continued to produce and sell the

various handicraft designs that Morris insisted on. Morris is a great example if the world can not do what he wants, then he does it by himself to keep the last bottom line of craft art. I am so touched by his decision for his whole life.

Put myself on his shoe, I do not know how much courage I would have to do things like him.



Hudson Yards is being planned to be “Tomorrow’s City Today”. “Hudson

Yards represents the 21st century, and Battery Park City represents the end of the

20th century,” said Mitchell L. Moss, a professor of urban policy and planning at

New York University. “They are just totally different.” It will become the cultural

center of Manhattan’s New West Side. A template for the future of cities, this new

neighborhood which has not only changed the impression of New York towards

the world, but also the way of how New York think about the world. It has a

special and good location, makes it will be the best developed cultural, business

and supervise tourism exchange. However, why this area was chosen with such

future proposals.

Hudson Yards is a 28-acre mixed-use development on Manhattan’s far West

Side, bound by 34 th and 30 th street to the north and south, and by Tenth Avenue and

the West Side Highway to the east and west. This area is divided into two parts.

The first phase, Eastern Yard, will be eight new buildings including residential and

commercial skyscrapers, public gardens, a massive shopping mall, and the Shed

cultural center. The Western Yard, on the other hand, will have an additional

residential, office, and retail space, as well as elementary school. After 12 years of

planning and six of construction, Hudson Yards is composted by 2025,



Hudson Yards will be the core of Manhattan’s finical, top elites, shopping

gathering, and residences of New West Side, as well as the template for the future

of cities. The reason why it has the advantages of being the most prosperous area

in the future is about its profound history, wide undeveloped space, and the

convenient location. A landmark cannot be made in one day.




The Hudson Yards is currently being transformed into the Hudson Yards

megaproject has functioned as many things in the city’s 400-year history, this area

before trains ran alongside pedestrian and other traffic, frequently leading to

carnage and the nickname “Death Avenue.” The grade-level tracks were replaced

by the freight-carrying High Line in the 1930s. The interesting design Mayor

George Opdyke cited New Yorkers’ propensity to jaywalk as a reason to keep the

train cars together and persons desirous of crossing a railroad track will wait for


the rapid passage of a train of cars without making an attempt to pass over. It

seems very dangerous, so in 1910 New York Central Railroad empire change the



basketball film



It was just a normal day in New York City, I was busy on my daily work, with my laptop, suddenly I fell into sleep. It is a Dream: When I was in high school, I play basketball every day in my school with my friend. Back then I love basketball, watch NBA game with my friend every night, Basketball was my everything at high school. All the memories come up to my mind. I feel I should make some change。 So I waked up. Right now I am at college in New York Manhattan. There is too much thing going on in the city. It made me start to forget to lose more and more passion for basketball. My body is getting fat, my health is going down. My life becoming new York life, unhealthy life. Playing a video game, eat snacks and sleep a lot, using lots of computers. Even life is better, the apartment is better but my heart is becoming empty.

I hear my friend knock on my door. He passes me the ball, I decide to find the passion back on the court.


I used a lot of close-ups to express the emotions of the picture, and there are also many long shots to let the audience feel the charm of the scene.  The lens of the basketball, the lens of the running, the lens of the eyes, the lens that touches the high, and the various details that can touch the heart.  Use these details to let the audience feel the emotions I want to express. My love for basketball, my thoughts about the past, and the tiredness of my life are in these pictures.  And I use black and white to distinguish between the present and the past, memories.


Mini-task_First-Hand Research

Hudson Yards is a real estate development in the Chelsea and Hudson Yards neighborhoods of Manhattan, New York City.

It is the largest private real estate development in the United States by area.

Upon completion, 13 of the 16 planned structures on the West Side of Midtown South would sit on a platform built over the West Side Yard, a storage yard for Long Island Rail Road trains.

this is the future of new York . All the new stuff cultures buildings are all gonna be here.

The first of its two phases, opened in 2019, comprises a public green space and eight structures that contain residences, a hotel, office buildings, a mall, and a cultural facility. The second phase, on which construction has not started yet, will include residential space, an office building, and a school.、


In late 2006, the city and the MTA backed out of a plan for the city to purchase the development site, and created a proposal to seek bids from private developers.

 This was followed by the a formal request for proposals in 2008 with the intention of creating a large-scale mixed-use development above the rail yards.

Five developers responded to the RFP: Extell Development Company, Tishman Speyer, Brookfield, Vornado Realty Trust with the Durst Organization, and the Related Companies.


WHY? WHAT? HOW? of the final productions


  • What: Those pictures are including my lobby, my selfie, every daily walking people on the street. This is about the understanding of my time every morning in my lobby. Every time I will think a lot about the emotion and some life stuff in my head. Some philosophy questions will come out to my head. This is a picture that shows my emotion and my thought for this space and this period of time. I am using my way to express my feeling and my thoughts in this space.
  • Why: Every day When I need to go out, I will stay in my lobby for some minutes. I repeat this action every day and I think this time period and this space is special to me. I am an observer in this street. People are boring walking to work every day. I am also kind of boring stay at my apartment every day. Every time I am waiting for my uber or taxi. I will take a few minutes to observe those people who walk on this street. I will think about some questions like why are those people walking so fast, why some of them walking so slow? Are they repeating their same day again and again? Am I repeating my day? What’s one day means to our life?
  • How: I use the front sight of my apartment as a base. And I using my face and eye to show I am observing this world really seriously. I take some pictures of some people to walk in front of my apartment. I also add some charges on the top of the front door. It represents my apartment is a place to charge myself to fill on energy and battery. Also shows I am enjoying the moment that I stand on the lobby observing, the process that I think the world thinks the time makes me full of energy. 

Mini-task Cooper Hewitt Museum


this piece is the first piece gets on my face on the 3rd floor,

The lighting combination doing a really

good job, give me a really

strange feeling.



this piece is a collection of lots of chinas, but the material is from nature and the color give us an amazing visual enjoyment.

Every piece of china are clean and there are lots of beautiful colors

from the nature that

we can not even name it.



this piece is also a light, it is really hard to feel it’s amazing by picture.

I love this piece is because it gives me great peace emotion!

Bridge 4

The white and red line

represent real us

we get lost in the dark

and most of our light are coverd1

by this black line





We are limited by some shapes this society or government already set up for us. However we explore, it’s under their control

There are too much elements in our life can affect our decision and Behaviors



Three possibles to show the boundage feeling.


Material:wood stick,wires










Final outcome


on the real place





Bridge 3

mood board

two sketches

It will located at university center.

4 artist

Johnson Tsang


John morris

Antony gormley







this project is about to make more people what the moral really means in the world. What is the truth of moral make us consider.

It will be a public art piece

claim for research question

What’s the truth of moral?

Moral is subjective and also objective at the same time, because sometime people make their own decision is based on moral, but sometime moral force people’s life becoming following the rules. We do not have decision for our own life.

evidence: For example, according by research every one of us’ characteristics will not change at our whole life, but in fact it is not. In people’s whole life their personality are changing all the time. The only way to cause that is the society’s affection, the moral’s affection. We lost the real us in the society, the true self is lost in this society because if someone do something that not follow the rules will make society angry make other people angry. We use our own definition to define kind. Anyway when someone do something that make you agree with him in your heart will make you think this guy might be really kind.The most hard thing in the world is be honest to yourself.

Research way is going to watch lots of videos and search lot of examples from library.

Significance of research.

1980 ,there is a great example about that, the evangelical priest Christine Pierre Pierpon traveled around the world. He claims that homosexuality is a sin and also teaches ways to curb homosexual desires. This is also a deep spiritual search for himself. As a person with homosexual tendencies, he himself is deeply afflicted by this desire. He pursued his soul salvation in a way that eliminated the desires of others, and he publicly acknowledged that this was a contradiction.

Moral is a kind of rule that a group of people make it for lots of people. It’s the society’s rules to make people stay with each other more peaceful. When people to look at other people, they will use moral as the criterion to judge this man is good or bad. It show human are society species.