In my prototype I chose to focus on Jehan and how his freedom of expression in NYC has affected his expression of identity. I created a mock- up collage of some of my gendered items that I knew Jehan also owned (or things similar). The collage is arranged like Jehan’s face to further carry the whole portrait concept of my project.


For my final I am choosing not to focus on Jehan but instead on myself and my lack of gender. I was having trouble telling someone else’s story when it is about something as personal as gender. My interest in the topic of gender stems from my strict Catholic household where I was taught that there were only two genders and being straight was the only acceptable sexuality. For my final I am going to be painting a self portrait of myself on the plexiglass with a portrait of my gender (or lack of) below. I want to personify the confusion and ambiguity I feel towards being non-binary.