Learning Portfolio Post #1: FOREWORD by Christopher Breward

Aphorisms 1:
Fashion is not necessarily spectacular(though is often conforms to the theory of the society of the spectacle), it can also be demotic, ordinary, mundane, routine and humble. It is the stuff of the ethnographer and the anthropologist.

I agree and resonate with this aphorism. For many people who are not in the art profession, they think that fashion is unconnected with them. Every single is related to fashion. Fashion is a kind of trend, everyone is in the tideway. In our daily life, a lamp can adjust its brightness according to the sunlight, a comfortable office chair must have ergonomically designed, and a straw made by recycled paper are the product of fashion. Everything around us has been transformed over and over again in response to peoples’ needs, that is fashion. Fashion exists according to social trends, and fashion is diverse and changeable. Fashion not only present in fancy clothes, fashion also can be present to an ordinary object. People should not limit fashion to a box of one-sided and estimate the connection between people and fashion. The only thing that won’t change is that fashion can be as small as representing the trend of an object, and also can be as big as representing the trend of the world.

Aphorisms 2:
Fashion is intensely personal, in the same way that poetry is intensely personal. It is a medium through which personal stories can be told, memories re-lived and futures foretold.

Every single people have different definitions of fashion, and every design has their style and inspiration. We can see the story of personal experience and estimate the designer’s personality from the design work. I think we can not decide which kind of design is good or bad because every design needs to respect it. Moreover, I noticed that memories re-lived in design just like the cycle will happen over again. In 2019, the Dior oblique saddlebag, Prada hobo bag, Fendi vintage Bsgurtte bag etc…become the most popular items. And those items all come from the design from 2000. It is the recall of classic. The environmental population is biggest societal issue face to all communities of people. Ths fashion industry as the second most pollutes industry in the world, sustainable is the future foretold for the fashion industry. In the coming years, designers and factories are developing new sustainable designs to reduce pollution.




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