Research-Led Design Reflection


In our Seminar Class, my research question was “To what extent is the tallest building in the UK The Shard, London sustainable?” and I was able to visit the building during Thanksgiving. Some of the main points that I’ve gathered through primary and secondary research is that the building seemed like a never-ending climb if you were to look at it from below. I found it particularly interesting how the clouds were able to interact with the building so beautifully. Therefore, with this “never-ending path” idea in mind, I decided to use Yayoi Kusama, an artist that utilizes mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space.

I wanted my installation to include mirrors on all four sides, and one of the main features of this project would be the incorporation of broken and distorted cardboard human-being, as I wanted it to represent some of my memories. I also wanted to include juxtaposition in my project with the trees, to portray how people see things – as some may perceive a particular space positively and some may perceive a particular space negatively. Clouds will also be included again to create the idea of the space being bigger than it actually is.

Overall, I am really excited as to how this project might turn out as it is something that I have never done before. I have also done research on how to create a project to represent a person’s needs and expectations – and some of the outcomes I received was that we’ve got to have a target audience. The target audience for this installation would be teenagers – as in my perspective, being a teenager is when one experiences the most.

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