Bridge 3 Project Statement

One aspect in which I approached Bridge 2 was the idea of sustainability, and therefore, I wanted to incorporate a sustainability issue that is a current revolving topic in our society. Thus, with the combination of my major, architecture, it has led me to green buildings and specifically, green buildings in Malaysia. Malaysia is a developing country with a hot and humid climate and therefore it is interesting to see how the government is able to incorporate green buildings in a cheap way. Through that, a research question is formed and it is “To what extent is green buildings effective in a hot and humid climate like Malaysia?”

I started googling green buildings in a hot and humid climate like Malaysia in google and have picked all of the peer reading sources. While creating my research table, I have understood the potential features that a green building should have in order to work in a humid place, and therefore this prompted me to create a green building that includes these concepts as my project. Some of the concepts are the inclusion of photovoltaic panels, recyclable materials, fans and more. One of the other reasons for choosing this literal way of presenting my research is also through an inspiration gained from Cornell’s work, as his work is very literal. I was also inspired to use recyclable materials as part of my project due to its suitability to my topic, which is the prevalent issue with sustainability. In my project, I wanted to include some shocking facts like how 50% of the energy used in Malaysia is through air-conditioning as I think this is a good representation of my learning process.

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