Integrative Seminar 2: Visual Essay Collage

Int Sem 2

May 30th 2018

Identity: Visual Connection with Others


Abstract for Visual Essay Collage


Visually Connected

Originating in Japan, “Emoji’s” as we call them have become more and more widespread and universal. In America emoji’s are used every day in substitute for empathetic feelings that seem to lack when humans connect through a form of digital media. Since language is a large barrier as well when it comes to communicating, emoji’s open the doors to people of different languages as well as connect them empathetically. Emoji’s are a new universal language that mimics dramatic body language that is presented by humans in conversation. This allows people that speak different languages to communicate visually. This work is claiming the origin of emoji’s, Japan, can communicate easily with a country that widely uses emojis although Japan does not speak the same language.

Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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