Final Project IS2

Purpose: Artists/designers are held accountable for ongoing research and project development outside of class.

Upload an image(s) of your final prototype that reflects the work you did on it for six hours outside of class since our last class on Monday, April 9.

Add the date you completed the final prototype and a brief explanation of what your final project is about. Include the following:

  • The topic you are researching in Seminar
  • The specific message/content you are exploring in Studio
  • Explain exactly what you are making in Studio and the materials you are using.
  • Explain why you think the materials you are using are effective at supporting your content.
  • Explain the research you’ve done since our April 9 class and your research plans for the upcoming week.
  • Write an explanation of what you will complete for next class and write how long you think it will take you to do it. *The homework expectation is at least 6 hours per week for this class.  

original idea: taking a common form of language and taking it out of context. making emojis paintings that are not digital and are not useable as a language but more of speaking as a form of art.

april 9th: ideas for the project. learned that i should not use real emojis, and infact make them less emoji like.


New ideas:

Pay gap




Woman with money

Ripped dollar

Equal sign

Not used enough

Coin stack equal

No gun sign

No domestic violence sign

Domestic violence

Black eye

Makeup concealing eye

Child covering ears

Tear drops

Band aids

Broken heart

Covering mouth with hand


Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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