Manifesto – Proposed Statement & Project Plan

Natures Secret

This project is the test of belief that flowers evoke aesthetically pleasing emotion in humans. An overwhelming sensual experience that we feel in our eyes and nose. Made to be experienced, the viewer can walk around this piece and smell the piece up close to experience the aesthetics in senses. The intention of this project is to prove that flowers have an element such as color, shape, scent and pattern that activates the human brain creating an experience. My project will record peoples reactions to the space, how they feel in the space and how they interact with the space. the original plan of this project was for this scenery to draw in customers to a store by a visually pleasing window display. I first want this project to be an installation before making it a store front view. I would like this project to be the “tester” of seeing if it draws attention.

I was inspired by my own work for this sculpture. I wanted to make a piece for my boutique to look more appealing at shows, to then draw in more customers and to add to my aesthetic. The work I make is made from real flowers, and they are pretty to the eye but I feel like my presentation is missing something.

My work

Sketch of sculpture

I tested out this scultpting materials I wanted to work with for this sculpture

I am also planning on adding more to the sculpture like real flower bouquets and more scents from oils.


To complete the project, there will be a camera recording how people interact with the space, papers for people to fill out and this recording will be the main component of the project because it is the final answer of if the belief is true or not.

Alicia is a Parsons student studying Integrated Design.

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