MoMA Inspiration

“Tilt Back Side Chair” by Charles Eames, plywood, metal, and rubber, 1944

5 words: simple, crafted, functional, curvature, smooth

How do you feel? I really want to sit in it as it looks so comfy…also very simple and stunning design. The wood is so smooth and caught my eye.

Describe the artwork. Simple design of a three legged chair that sits close to the ground. Smooth light wood seat and back rest. The chair can lean back onto a fourth leg that replaces the function of the original front leg.

What caught your attention? It seems odd but on closer inspection is beautiful and smart.

What do you notice after awhile? Very clean welding and general attention to detail. Smart reinforcements in key places, and the plywood is “molded”

One of Gerhard Richter’s RAF portraits, oil on canvas, around 1988

5 words: anger, greasy, darkness, light, faded

How do you feel? It’s so close to being in focus but not quite and it’s messing with me. I love its simplicity though.

Describe the artwork. A large black and white painting of a man in profile, looking to the right of the frame. He has a strong emotion on his face but it’s hard to tell exactly what he’s feeling. Possibly anger or pain? His head tilts down slightly and his hair is greasy and unkept.

What caught your attention? The strong focal point and immediate captivating energy.

What do you notice after awhile? The texture of shirt, his clothing layers. Also the shadow of his body on the wall behind him.

“Gibraltar” by Alexander Calder, wood, stainless steel piping, 1936

5 words: balance, thoughtful, cosmic, angular, sharp

How do you feel? This is my favorite so far – it has a great balance to it that is extremely calming

Describe the artwork. A 3 foot carved piece of wood points up[wards in a triangular shape. A wooden “platter” is pierced by the shape, and on it sits a white ball. A few feet above, held up by steel rods, a red sphere and a wooden bow shape float above the piece.

What caught your attention? It has a great overall contrast – natural and machine made, wood and colored metal, etc.

What do you notice after awhile? The steel rods and floating shapes tremble slightly when someone is near and their vibrations disturb it.

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