B3.4 Prototype

I chose one of my earlier “rough” prototypes to continue developing on for this final version. The general idea and flow of this setup has been in my mind from the beginning, but it has gone through a couple different iterations to get where it is now. When creating a public art piece, it’s important that the logistics are not too complicated so that it can be easily setup and taken down. Two features in particular were really important to incorporate in this prototype: 1) the divider between the two strangers. It is important that they do not see what the other person is creating during the exercise so that they feel safe, and 2) the pieces that extend above the table. This installation needs a clear and effective way to intrigue random people to come sit down and immerse themselves in the experience. I don’t know if I will actually be able to produce this piece in real life due to time and financial constraints, but I think that this setup would effectively do what I envision it to do.

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