Plastic Awareness Activity

In this week, I spend the most time in the studio. During these days, I eat lunch outside in the restaurant which didn’t have any plastic material that I had been used. In the studio class, I brought an egg from home, which carries a plastic zip bag. This zip bag can be reusable. Main while, the eggshell can be a landfill which reduces the fat into the soil. However, there are some of the material or things that I cannot be recycled such as a spoon and the cup from a yogurt store and metal wires that design a task in the class. After I use those things, it will be the trash that I’m going to throw away. Lastly, I use a lot of paper material which I think is suitable, but when I read an article which let me think more about the paper waste can be a damage in the environment and the way that paper be design as a product is not like to be sustainable in the environment, some of the design is maintaining few plastics in which it hard to determine and separate those chemicals from the design.