To me, Intersectionality is connecting everything about a person and taking those traits into consideration. It should have been a word since the beginning of language, it seems like a no brainer. This word should be in the dictionary because everyone can relate to it. Subject positions play a big role in my life, it makes up who I am as a person. I am a black male that lives in New York. In that sentence alone there’s three subject positions that I identify with. Being a black male in New York is cool. But being a black male in New York with dreads is even better. Adding on a subject position changes the way you are seen by others. I’m not just a black kid in New York. Another subject position I identify with are my hobbies. I like to paint, draw, and design. Being an artist in New York is pretty fun. I feel like New York is the mecca where all artists come. There are galleries and opportunities everywhere. And you are praised for your artistic abilities. Back at home people don’t care about artists so it’s great to come to a place where I am appreciated. I don’t have a specific religion, but I grew up learning about Judaism. I even incorporate Judaism into my work, so it’s a big part of who I am even though I don’t believe in the religion. Now if you take the 6 subject positions that I have listed, you can see how they all intersect. Adding more and more subject positions completely change who we are and make us individuals. It is interesting to me to see the dynamic that pairing different subject positions creates. It’s rare to find a black male with dreads who has grown up in a Jewish household. And then take that black male and place him in New York.









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