Shift Selfie


  1. loger264 · September 1, 2017 Reply

    The standard selfie is taken by the subject and is a reflection. The composition is slightly off centered but rounded by the shape of the mirror and the subjects position in the center of it. The altered selfie is not directly taken by the subject and is a profile view. The photo is black and white and the composition contains the subject in the center. The background of the creative selfie is simple and monochromatic compared to the standard selfie which has a busier and more colorful background. Although the photos are taken from different perspectives and contain different angles of the subjects face, only half of the subjects face is pictured in both selfies.

  2. goldb329 · September 1, 2017 Reply

    The standard selfie (the mirror one) has a very grid like composition, lines within the image pair up with the rule of thirds. Its is also on a slight tilt. There is very little color variation or contrast. The subject is relatively small with in the image. More than a third of the image is empty space. Its was taken on film. I took this selfie to remember the place I was at. Visually I liked the idea of the oval with in the rectangle. This selfie shows me as I am. No makeup wearing comfy clothing being entranced by the lines and composition with in the environment around me.

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