New Yorker Character Profile response

The article starts off with the writes perspective on the work and how it has affected them. Then they move on to describing the work of the artist and ties with in it. The writer also touches on shows and reviews of the artist, mixed in are some quotes from the artist. This gives up a look at what the artist was doing, how they were effected and how others interpreted the work. A full 360 view. They go in depth about the meaning behind the work, what the work is a commentary for and the technique he uses reflect that, the melodrama. Then they go into how and where they live. His I-Be Area is very cool, little side note. Next the writer goes further in depth into the liftoff the artist. Life growing up, college and the work he made there, the places that affected him, the people he had relations with, being an artist in New York. All of these things allow the reader to fully learn about this artist and who they are as a person and how that connects to their work.

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