Bridge 3 Artist Statement

For this experiential instillation our main objective was to recreate the disorienting feeling that the characters within the story felt. Each of the characters were simply going through the motions of their lives when a terrible event interrupted them. To add on to the stress of witnessing parts of a murder, no one believed them and what they saw causing the characters to question themselves. Each element that we choose played a part in creating that feel. First we put the viewers in a small dark space filled with people to both symbolize the moment in the story when Grand Central is shut down, as well as to induce the feeling of distress from being in the dark with so many people. Next we moved the viewers into the bathroom. Here we changed the light into red light to symbolize two things. The color red that the mystery murderer wears and is known for, and to create a dark, panicked, disoriented mood. The red light was paired with the smell of burning. This smell can trigger a few different feelings, panic and discomfort. To create a sense of confusion and overwhelment we layered multiple recordings of voices and the sounds of Grand Central and then played the audio on two separate speakers at once. The loud sounds that were hard to make out mixed with the smell and visuals creates a disorienting environment. Each mirror and sink was decorated to correspond with each character, including the murderer. The clocks each at a different time represent the schedule that each character was on that got interrupted.

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