Bridge 2 Collage

The crit really did help me with this piece. When I started on this piece I have no direction with it at all, it was my first time collaging and I just wanted to experiment. The feedback I got reflected that. I was told it seemed unclear as to what was going on and they were right, I had no vision when I began this. I did however unknowingly go loosely along with a theme of nature when I first began. I was told that I could run with this and further expound on this theme of nature, farming and food while being able to tie in current events. Next I went on the hunt for some new source material that went along with the theme. I found an article from the past few months that spoke on the chemicals that are being poured on to our fresh produce, specifically strawberries and I ran with this idea. I improved my collage by narrowing down my topic to farming, our produce and what is being done to it. I feel way more confident in this version and I thank the crit for giving me the guidance.

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