LP Response: Avedon

This is Richard Avedon’s photography of Marilyn Monroe. Looking at the half-length close-up portrait, the main character Marilyn Monroe in the center of the photograph. This is a black and white image with the dark background. Marilyn was wearing a costume dress with her iconic hairstyle. Her head is facing right side look to the ground. The feeling of this photograph seems the character is unhappy and depressed. Let us have the desire to know what story behind it. As we know, Marilyn Monore was a superstar during 50s. Her impression normally is sexy and bombshell character. But in this photograph, we can see the other side of her. I think it wants to communicate the sad and tired story behind her. Marilyn just looks like a kid with a sad face. In my opinion, Avedon wants to produce an image that provides a rare glimpse of her inner life.

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