Studio2: Gift Project


The purpose of the assignment is to analysis the person’s personality and identity through the social media. In class, we were separate different groups. Through our clothes, behavior, and talking we can have an overview of our identity and personalities. However, what others see may be different from how we see ourselves. What we see in others may be different from how they see themselves, too. How we interpret this meaning depends on who we are and what our experience has been. The project is to make a gift for our partner through the observations and photos. The gift can represent overview feeling how other people see ourselves. 


First thing of we star to make a gift is to analysis partner’s photo from daily life. Pictures can speak and reflect her characteristic. I used 10 photos that Sara give to me stick on a big sheet of paper.  Analysis her in 3 ways and wrote down on the paper.

My analysis  :        

  1. Sara likes natural.
  2. Sara has her own style. I can see her favorite color is black, through her makeup and clothing, I think she likes rock style.
  3. Although most of her photo holding the cigarettes. But I think she is still a little girl, her smile is pure, climbing on the tree, selfie with the dog…

So I decide to do a jewelry for her. Most time we trying to be cool and dress in dark color. Although I do not really know her, I can see there is a little girl living in her heart.



Every girl like beautiful stuff. I decided to do a pair of asymmetrical shape earrings. The left side is the circular shape with the hanging pearl. I painted the white pearl to black. In my opinion, that represents she sometimes want to cover herself up pretending to be a cool girl. When she holding the cigarettes in such a legal age shows her in puberty. Sometimes we argue with parents want to highlight our individuality. But I can see she is still very positive and lovely girl. The other side of the earring, I cut off the lace made a bow tie. The contrast of this pair earring is obvious. Because of the strong contrast of her personality. And I also hope her keep her original personality and individuality, always stay beauty and be positive.

Exchange Gifts:

The gift that she made for me really surprised me. She gives me a handmade soup. They smell like coconut and flowers. I think I am kind of person who passions for the pretty thing. I like to decorate  my home and taking beautiful photos. she chooses my favorite color blue and the shape of the soup is roses.

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