Bridge 3

In this piece, I was told to tell a story.  I chose to focus on a recent experience, that had happened to me; heartbreak.  Over the summer, I was introduced to the harsh reality of unrequited love. This event was something I held with me, since this summer.  I used this piece as a way to work through emotions that I was unfamiliar with, and held onto, thus holding me back from taking chances and experiencing the things I dreamed of doing.  Revisiting this night was difficult, but it was something I needed to do. I used this project as a way to move on, and find closure within myself. I wanted to forgive myself for what had happened, as well as move away from longing for someone I couldn’t have, and rather focus on myself. I used this piece to explore an emotional experience from both a personal and neutral perspective.

For this piece, I constructed two books, one in the form of a letter, and another in an accordion style. The first book recounted my emotions, with a fragmented letter, with re-emphasized phrases, as well as drawings meant to emulate mindless doodles.  The letter was addressed to a person I fell for. It was meant to serve as both a love letter and a goodbye letter. For the second book, I crafted paper carvings, that depicted various scenery. I wanted to see if I could tell a story without people, as my work tends to be people-centric.  I showed different landscapes, that served as different milestones of the night I chose to focus on.

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