I reworked my second project, which focused on New York at night.  My first project was mainly centered around the eccentric energy of nightlife in New York.  For this project, I decided to focus more on the idea of opposites; comparing rural to city life, right to left brain, etc.  The two atmospheres contain different energy. One tends to have stimulating features day round, whereas the other depends on the peaceful  energy, and more natural sources of light. I chose to display this duality in a more abstract way, choosing to relatie it to the brain. My garment interacts with the body as a headpiece, therefore I wanted to create a connection to the place at which it is meant to sit.  

The right side of the brain is known for being more creative and intuitive, where as the left side of the brain is more logical, and carries out the basic functions of the body.  I aligned New York City with the right side of the brain, as I find it to be more stimulating. The right side is meant to represent the energy of the city, along with the artificial quality of light, in the New York sky.  The left side is more stripped down and simple, representing a more logical and straightforward mindset. The two differ in material, one more dependent on fabrics, with a variety of textures, and one using exclusively wire, creating a more consistent pattern.

The two sides of this sculpture contrast each other, creating the sense of duality.

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