Haley Royal


How Starbucks and A&W Are Addressing the Plastic Problem


I am a firm believer that there is value in the small steps.  While it may be ideal, it is unrealistic to believe that we, as a society, can make huge changes to our lifestyles overnight.  As unfortunate as it is, we have become accustomed to a lifestyle of convenience, which sadly results in major damage to our environment.  There are things we can do everyday to make a difference in our own lives, such as cutting down on our own use of plastic, or having “meatless” days, which as incredibly valuable.  However, it is ultimately large corporations that are causing the most damage to our environment, therefore they are the ones that must take initiative. Exchanging the use if straws or recyclable lids may seem like a small change, but it is just the start of something that could vastly cut down on waste.  A couple months ago, when more attention was brought to the immense amount of waste caused by plastic straws, people were encouraged to opt out of using them, but rather use a reusable straw option, or ditch the straw all together. However, there was still always the option of a plastic straw to fall back on, in every coffee shop.  This proving our unfortunate desire for convenience over sustainability. By cutting out this option for a straw altogether, but rather providing a “sippy cup”, we are maintaining the same level of convenience while also helping the environment.

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