Accessory Collection- Creative Process

The Problem:

While there have been various versions of the reusable bag, more often than not, people forget to utilize them while shopping.  Whether it be a quick stop at the store on the way home, or simple not wanting to deal with the hassle of collecting the crumpled up pile of bags before leaving the house, people often heir on the side of convenience.



My Goal is to create a reusable shopping bag that is easily accessible and functional, but also stylish.  I want to reinvent the reusable bag into something that is more organized and convenient.



While it is true that, as a society, we should be more respectful to the environment in which we live, I believe that it is in the hands of the designers to create more eco friendly options for consumers.  People are used to a certain level of convenience, when it comes to the way they consume. Therefore, I aim to make a product that is travel friendly, and easy to use, thus doing the work for the consumer. The bag will fold into itself, thus collapsing in an organized fashion.  Also, the bag will have magnetic panels that make it easy to stack and carry multiple bags to the grocery store.



  • Fabric created from recycled plastic bags
  • Acrylic board

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