University charges students for protesting against border patrol

Sam Levin


It is heartbreaking to see students being punished for their bravery.  Peaceful protest is a fundamental right, and we are lucky to live in a country where we have the freedom to do so.  Therefore, when people are being punished for calling out the wrong-doings of the government, it is hard not to see issue with this.  I believe that this generation holds a lot of power, and should not be punished for expressing anger for the inhumane issues surrounding border patrol in America.  This article made me think back to when I was in high school and took part in a walkout for gun control, in light of the school shootings happening at the time. I remember receiving an email earlier in the week warning students against walking out, and the consequences that would ensue.  I remember being angered at my school, who had claimed to be progressive in their thinking, for trying to squash such a valuable movement. I also remember the students who bravely organized the walkout on the down low, and were willing to risk short term consequences for the greater good.  I remember the power I felt, when I walked out with my fellow students. Protest is such a valuable tool, one that I reward these students for taking advantage of, despite the injustice they faced because of it.

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