Attendance Assignment 5

Self portraits are often representative of physical form, but, when transformed and adjusted, can be used to convey something deeper. I used repetition of a simple garment that I drew, based on the texture of a garbage bag.  I used this texture because I liked that it was durable, and malleable, and created pleats and gatherings. I then repeated this form on a page, with the figures getting closer and closer together. This to me shows my mind racing, and it shows how I overanalyze details of myself to the point where I am unsure what is real or not.  My perception of myself changes daily, and I feel that I see different versions. Halfway through, I disrupted the pattern by turning the repeating form upside down. This disruption shows the variety and confusion I feel at times, looking at myself. The colors represent uniformity, with a few misunderstood changes, that don’t follow a pattern.

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