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The Performance of Love

The Performance of Love – Thesis Documentation   The Performance of Love is an art installation. It presents the LoverSeat, a product designed to provide love and replace the human being in the relationship. The installation is a small-scale house… Continue Reading →

Thesis progress update (3/29)

The Performance of Love Concept I am making a critical design project which presents a fictional robot named ChairLover. ChairLover designed to provide intimacy and replace the human being in the love relationship. It is an art installation which lets the… Continue Reading →

Prototype 2 – Aesthetic

Concept How might we use affective design to enhance the engagement in human communication? I am studying the relationship between emotion in human communication and haptic experience, in order to explore the role of affective haptic design in social interaction…. Continue Reading →

Prototype 1

In this prototype, I want to know the association of texture and emotion. I used 4 different textures and put them into a box, in order to hide the appearance. I asked the participant to touch the texture without looking… Continue Reading →

Refined Domains and Concept

Concept: I am studying the relationship between tactile and emotion among human’s communication. I will develop a new communication system which uses tactile to convey the emotion. The study aims to probe the limits of human senses and tactile-emotional synesthesia. 

Feedback & Research

1st Concept Statement: I am studying how synesthesia can affect human perception in culinary art. I am making a ________ to let the user experience an extraordinary dining experience which reinterprets taste to other different senses.      I aim… Continue Reading →

Domains & Precedents

Refined domain map:   Precedents: Nakajima, Kyoko. “Multi-Sensorial Gastronomy by Philips Design.” Axis, no. 145, 2010, pp. 45, Arts Premium Collection Description: Philips Design creates a series of project related to the food experience in the future and this is one… Continue Reading →

Grid of 9

Initial ideas: I am interested in studying the challenges that non-US students face when finding jobs in the state. I experienced some difficulties a few months ago while I was looking for an internship. I want to study the situation… Continue Reading →

Play Project – Phantom Thief – final prototype

Concept We are creating a game that the target is only visible to the opponent. We want to know how do players use strategy and collect useful information to deduce the right solution through the process.   Story Akio and… Continue Reading →

Play Project – Blind Hunt – prototype 2

Prototype 1 feedback: The ratio of the function cards and direction cards Barriers’ limitation and elimination Balance the competition and challenge   Iteration: Add a dice   Prototype 2 feedback: Slow-paced Fewer chances to change the situation Lack the exciting “match… Continue Reading →

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